In this game, just like in real life, dating is HELL.

You've sold your soul to the Devil for one last shot at love.  Armed with supernatural date-seeking powers and a ticket to the biggest speed-dating event of the year, you're BOUND to find love!

However, the Devil has his own plans, and purposefully flooded the dating pool with dozens of serial killers!  You must use your newfound powers to determine as quickly as possible whether or not your potential suitor wants to date you or stab you in the back.  However, the more you use your powers, the more difficult they will become to use, so don't rely on one for too long!


Mind-Reading:  As your date speaks, listen to what they're REALLY saying in their thoughts.  If even one line of text sounds murder-y to you, hit that PASS button!

Seduction:  Type out flirt words to magically woo your suitor into confessing their deepest darkest secret.  Each date has one specific word that is their Achilles' heel.  Type away until you find it, and figure out if their secret is benign or ominous...

X-Ray Vision:  Click on the swirls that appear on the suitor's body.  Reveal all of the green tokens without clicking any of the red ones in order to discover what the suitor is currently carrying on them.  You may find anything ranging from a spare stick of deodorant to a list of future victims...

You should be able to find all the information you need by using any one power at a time.  The moment you think it's safe to say "yes", click DATE!  However, if you discover anything suspicious, hit PASS!  You'll lose points saying "no" to innocent suitors, but at least you'll still be alive!


Windows Download 39 MB


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Fun game! I love how the devil says "kittens" to lure you in a date lol


I like the concept, but the gameplay is very stale, boring, and it doesn't hold my attention very long...