Feb 28th Update: Aaaaaaallllll kindsa stuff!

Major changes be happenin' to Orbitunes!  Here's a list of the most noticeable ones:

1.  Gone are the days of multi-asteroid strings flying around the screen!  They've been replaced with a much spiffier looking trail unique to each asteroid.  Granted this makes it a little harder to visualize the fact that the asteroids play entire phrases rather than just single notes, but it's in the experimental stages, and I kinda just like how it looks!

2.  Multi-star support added!  You can now toggle between one, two, and three stars, each having their own impact on an asteroid's gravity!  I've also changed the pitch modulation to be velocity-dependent, rather than dependent on the proximity to the star, now that there can be more than one.  The effect should still be very similar, but it opens up a lot of new options for me to mess with the sounds for future ideas!

3.  The Asteroid Creator is now hopefully a little easier to use and understand!  It has its own separate scene now, so you won't be distracted by the cacophony of sounds coming from existing asteroids as you fiddle around with it.  There's also some tutorial text to help you out with it.  The presentation of it still leaves much to be desired, but for now it's functional!

4.  Looooots of bug fixes and clean-up.   A TON of code had to be refactored and straight-up thrown out for this all to work, but now the project is a lot easier to navigate, so hopefully more progress will be made in a shorter amount of time in the future!

And that's pretty much the short version of it!  I'd love to hear your feedback, and thanks for playing!


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Feb 28, 2019
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Feb 28, 2019

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