Granny is about to keel over, but not before you get a chance to shake her down for all she's worth. Her mind is drifting so you must knit it back together. Poke and prod at her brain until your name is on her will. The better your precision the better the payout.

Some people are worth more dead than alive


Download 110 MB


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OK, this game is pretty fun, but as a knitter myself, I wasn't sure if it those were supposed to be knitting needles or crochet hooks. If it's knitting needles, the ends are supposed to be straight, and if crochet, they have a hook, but you use only one.

other than that little thing i had fun!

That was absolutely an error on our part, nice catch!  

Unfortunately our team didn't have the time during the LD weekend to do extensive field research. ;)  So it looks like we'll have to deal with that error forever in Knit Worth lore.

Thanks for playing!