A downloadable game for Windows

Splattershot is a 2D competitive multiplayer deathmatch game where the goal is not to get the most kills, but rather to SPLATTER your opponents' GUTS across as much of the arena as possible.

Each player is armed with a 6-shot short range shotgun that packs a massive kick. Killing an opponent with it will cause them to EXPLODE in your color, splattering the walls and netting tons of points!

By the end of the 3-minute round, whoever has the most of the arena splattered in his or her color is the winner. So show no mercy, pick your color, and lay waste to everyone before they get the chance to do the same to you!

This game supports 2-4 players with Xbox/Xbone controllers. Check the READ ME for controls.

Happy Splattering!

Install instructions

Download the installer, and run the wizard to install the game. If it says that the "program might not have been installed correctly" it probably installed fine. Just click "cancel" instead of re-installing.

The installer should automatically put a shortcut to the game on your desktop. Just click it to open it up (make sure your controllers are all plugged in and turned on before you do!).


SplattershotInstall.exe 21 MB